Möt vår dirigent Lorenzo Coladonato!

Maestro Lorenzo Coladonato kommer till Skäret i sommar för att dirigera Trollflöjten.  I och med detta vill vi ta pulsen på honom inför sommaren 2019.


How do you feel about coming to Opera på Skäret this summer?

First of all, I want to thank Sten and Alexander Niclasson for the invitation.

I feel very excited and proud to be part of such a successful team.

Die Zauberflöte, as you know, has a strong connection with the four elements and in general with nature and wildlife. We can barely imagine a better place to perform it as in Kopparberg, surrounded by nature: it will be a unique experience for both performers and audience.

To be invited to conduct this opera in this beautiful location is for me a great privilege.


What does Mozart and Die Zauberflöte means to you?

It is very linked to my youth and the years of apprenticeship.

Die Zauberflöte was the second opera I listen to at “Teatro la Scala”, Milan in 1986.

I was a young piano student, who loved music but had very little knowledge about opera. Furthermore, at that time I did not understand German language at all.

However, I remembered the deep impression the music and the staging gave to me.

It was the famous John Cox’s production, the great Swedish tenor Gösta Winbergh was singing Tamino.

Later in my life, in 2007, when I was working at Zürich Opera House, I had the big chance to follow the rehearsing process of Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducting Zauberflöte. It was an amazing experience which gave me fundamental insight into this score.

One speaks very often about the so-called divine quality of Mozart’s music.

In my opinion indeed his music is very human, perhaps he is the most human of all composers.

We can feel – especially in his operas – how much he loved mankind and accepted good and evil, because both are part of our life.

Let’s take for instance the figure of Königin der Nacht, or Monostatos: they are for sure not good persons. However, I believe that Mozart loves them nevertheless, without giving a moral judgement.

He always shows a deep empathy for each human being, even when somebody pursues crimes or acts without morality. In his music there is always a profound sense of humanity.


What project are you working on right now?

I am already busy with Die Zauberflöte.

Even though I had already conducted it, I spend as much time as possible to refresh the score and go deeper into this masterpiece and the typical Mozartian style.


Anything else you would like to share to the audience?

When I am not involved with scores and rehearsals, I like to be in the nature, make sports outdoors, play chess and read books.

Come and join us at Opera på Skäret this summer: we will enjoy together an unforgettable experience.

See you there! Viva la musica!


Vi välkomnar Lorenzo till Skäret i sommar, och har du inte redan köpt biljett så är det hög tid att göra det nu!


Sofie Hedman