New York, Teheran and Kopparberg

Sculptures, paintings and photo art from three Continents meet in an exciting exhibition.

Three people with local and international affiliations exhibit their artifacts in the gallery this year.

The gallery is closed for the season!

Nicolai Nickson has studied art in Stockholm and New York, where he graduated with a masters in Sculpture. He has created public art and is represented at Örebro Läns Museum and also have private collections in Sweden and USA. Nicolai works mainly with carving, and uses wood and rock which he sometimes combines to enhance the expression through contrasts in materials and design. He has influences from both classic and modern style of sculpting, and strives to combine the two in both design and content.

Bahman Sehatlou, born in Teheran 1955. Studied at the Art Academy in Teheran 1976-81. Has had exhibitions in Sweden, France and Holland. Represented at Statens Konstråd and Stockholms läns landsting. His interesst in Sweden was born when he read the famous book by August Strindberg called Hemsöborna, which he read in persian. His paintings consists of abstracted nature studies in which the landscape is constantly changing in search of the unknown which is ever present.

Edolf Andersson exhibits his photo art. He finds his motives amongst deserted places, fallen industry buildings, old deserted houses in the forest and forgotten mines in the wild nature of Bergslagen. “It’s all about finding the beauty in places people might not like, or would ever set their foot. Underestimated environments and places that people rarely visit, but in reality are beautiful places that deserve better.”