Getting here

Opera på Skäret is located by the lake Ljusnaren just outside Kopparberg, a beautiful spot right in the middle of Sweden!

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By car

It’s fairly easy to arrange a day trip to Opera på skäret from cities like Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås, Karlstad, Falun och Gävle.

For visitors that are coming from locations further away, there are plenty of hotels and overnight accommodation nearby, both in the countryside and in some of the closest cities such as Örebro, Nora, Lindesberg and Ludvika.


The cost for parking is 30 SEK and can be paid by cash or by Swish (with a risk of bad reception).
If you have an RV/caravan and would like to stay over night, the charge is 150 SEK/night.

Examples of distances:

Malmö 590 km, Stockholm 230 km, Göteborg 370 km, Örebro 85 km, Jönköping 295 km, Karlstad 140 km, Falun 105 km, Gävle 195 km, Sundsvall 400 km.

Public Transport

You can travel to Kopparberg or Ställdalen via train or bus.

Opera på Skäret is located 5 km from the station.

Train (Not including Opera train)

Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen TÅGAB (TÅGAB)
Länstrafiken i Örebro län, busses. (Länstrafiken)

Chartered busses

Schedule for 2023 not yet set.

The “Opera Train”

Opera på Skäret is the only opera house in the world with it’s own train station! For a few years now, we’ve had vintage trains running from Stockholm Central Station directly to Opera på Skäret. This train journey is a completely unique culture/ nature experience. To travel in a lovely vintage train through the Swedish countryside in the summertime, while having a delicious 3 -course dinner and then to enjoy opera art on the highest level, with the remarkable acoustics of the opera house being the icing on the cake!

More information about our train package will follow.

The outbound journey starts before midday and you will return to Stockholm before midnight.

You can book the Opera train by calling our Box Office: tel +46 580-71100
or via email: No booking fee will be added.

NB! The ticket for the opera performance is included in the train package. Don’t book your ticket online first!

The Opera train is a collaboration betweeen Opera på Skäret and SKÅJ (Stockholms Kultursällskap för Ånga och Järnväg).

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By plane

Are you a proud owner of a seaplane? In that case you can of course also fly here. Parking space available directly outside the door.