Information regarding Covid-19

Dear Audience!


The summer of 2020 will unfortunately not turn out the way we had hoped and planned. The pandemic caused by Covid-19 makes it impossible to implement this season. We had our hopes up that this virus would subside, and let go of our society like a normal flu, but as you all know this has not been the case with this mean virus. Opera på Skäret is now forced to stop, in the middle of the process of scenography and costume construction, with the hope of restarting again in 2021, with a new premiere on 31 July 2021.

For Opera på Skäret this situation is a potential threat to our future activity and survival. Opera på Skäret differentiates from other Swedish Opera Companies by only being financed up to 15 % from the State , Region and Municipality. We have approx 10 to 15 percent sponsors of the total budget and the rest is ticket sales. This is a unique and really an impossible equation if it wasn’t for our incredible audience that faithfully comes back again and again.

This means that up til this day, the money for the tickets you have purchased has already been invested in scenography and costumes for the production. Then the pandemic struck and Opera på Skäret’s exposed financial situation is now widely affected. The staff are now on furlough leave, according to the governmental support for companies, and until October all the activity at Opera på Skäret is put on hold.

For those of you who have bought a ticket, your ticket will be automatically re-booked to a corresponding date next year. As a compensation for this we will offer you an opera introduction before the performance free of charge. As soon as the ticket office opens on 1 October, you will be able to change your tickets to a date that suits you. Re-booking to another date of performance can only be done by our ticket office tel: +4658071100 or You can also convert your paid ticket to a gift voucher valid until the season of 2023. If there is a wish to support Opera på Skäret in this difficult situation, you can by informing our ticket office, remit your ticket as a form of sponsoring, and you will be acknowledged as a sponsor in the program sheet next year.

We hope for your understanding of our situation and we wish you all a lovely summer and good health!

Alexander Niclasson
Artistic Director

Sten Niclasson


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