Opera Pub

To attend our “Opera Pub” has become an important summer tradition for many. It’s an event that offers both world class singing and a relaxed atmosphere.
It’s often a very uplifting experience where you get to experience opera singing close up and personal.

With a good beer in one hand and a lovely prawn sandwich on your plate, you might hear your favorite opera aria sung by an opera star with a powerful voice just a few meters away. Or you might experience a young up and coming star perform for the first time as a soloist. To accompany the singers we usually have great virtuosos on the piano, who sometimes also give an extra solo performance. Anything can happen at the Opera Pub!

If you’ve never experienced opera singing in real life, this is a great way to start your journey to becoming an opera lover. And while doing so, you can enjoy a lovely dinner with a few drinks.

This event can be enjoyed only four times in the Opera Cafe’ during the summer. Dates for 2023 will follow shortly.

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