Opera Train

The “Opera Train”

Opera på Skäret is the only opera house in the world with it’s own train station!

For a few years now, we’ve had vintage trains running from Stockholm Central Station directly to Opera på Skäret. This train journey is a completely unique culture/ nature experience. To travel in a lovely vintage train through the Swedish countryside in the wintertime. The remarkable acoustics of the opera house being the icing on the cake!

We now have the pleasure to offer this train ride for our Christmas concert Saturday December 7th. 

The Train Package includes:

  • Return train journey to Opera på Skäret
  • Christmas dinner on the train
  • Concert ticket

Turandot Opening weekend

Please contact our boxoffice for updated times and dates for the Summer of 2020.



You can book the Opera train by calling our Box Office: tel +46 580- 71100
or via email: tickets@operapaskaret.se. No booking fee will be added.

NB! The concert is included in the train package. Don’t book your concert ticket online first!


The Opera train is a collaboration betweeen Opera på Skäret and SKÅJ (Stockholms Kultursällskap för Ånga och Järnväg).