Opera Train

The “Opera Train”

Opera på Skäret is the only opera house in the world with it’s own train station!

For a few years now, we’ve had vintage trains running from Stockholm Central Station directly to Opera på Skäret. This train journey is a completely unique culture/ nature experience. To travel in a lovely vintage train through the Swedish countryside in the summertime, while having a delicious 3 -course dinner and then to enjoy opera art on the highest level, with the remarkable acoustics of the opera house being the icing on the cake!

The Train Package includes:

  • Return train journey to Opera på Skäret
  • lunch on the train
  • 3- course dinner on the train
  • Opera ticket

The outbound journey starts before midday and you will return to Stockholm before midnight.

Prices between 2800 SEK – 2950 SEK depending on day and seat at the Opera.


Turandot Opening weekend


Opening Saturday Aug 1st:

Departure Stockholm: 8:55 am  Arrival Skäret: 2.27 pm

Departure Skäret: 7.30 pm  Arrival Stockholm: 11.38 pm

Opening Sunday Aug 2nd:

Departure Stockholm: 8:55 am Arrival Skäret: 2.27 pm

Departure Skäret: 7.30pm  Arrival Stockholm: 12.37 am



You can book the Opera train by calling our Box Office: tel +46 580- 71100
or via email: tickets@operapaskaret.se. No booking fee will be added.

NB! The concert is included in the train package. Don’t book your concert ticket online first!


The Opera train is a collaboration betweeen Opera på Skäret and SKÅJ (Stockholms Kultursällskap för Ånga och Järnväg).