-The best experience of Summer Opera in Europe-

An overall goal which means:

  • Opera på Skäret will yearly arrange an opera festival with it’s own productions for a national and international audience.
  • High artistic quality of the opera performances and other events, with a mixture of young and more experienced artists.
  • Courses for singers and musicians that will draw more young people to Skäret, both as an audience and as participants.
  • Be both a regional opera establishment in the Örebro Region, and an international summer opera stage.
  • Be a centre for culture- and nature experiences in Bergslagen and Sweden.
  • Produce opera for children and young people.

Other events and activities at Skäret

We opened an art gallery in 2006, as a separate attraction but also to be enjoyed by our opera audiences. This gallery has had many outstanding artists showcasing their material through the years, and we will continue to develop this going forward.

We also have the Opera Cafe’ on our premises, which is open the whole summer. Another ambition is to have boats and canoes for hire in the future, so people can enjoy the lake and the beautiful nature surrounding Skäret.

We are hoping to create many different events and activities to compliment the musical experience at Skäret. We are also planning to build a first class restaurant and our own accommodation facilities, which will further enhance the overall experience when visiting Opera på Skäret.