Privacy Policy

Updated 2018-05-25

Any personal informtion you provide to us will be treated with great respect. It belongs to you and we are only keeping them for a limited amount of time. For that reason we will always be very open about the purposes for and the manner in which your personal data in being used, and how long we will keep them for. This is really all you need to know, however if you would like more information about this, please see below:

Responsible for personal information: Sten Niclasson


What is regarded as personal information?

All recorded information about an identifiable individual is considered personal information. Two obvious examples would be someone’s name or email address, but it could also be a photograph or a description of someone.

Some examples of personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Picture of you
  • Voice recording of you


Your rights

You can always get in touch with us to request, correct or delete any of your personal information. You can also choose to opt in or out of receiving any marketing from us.
You have the right to…

  • access all your personal information
  • have all your personal information removed
  • change or correct your personal information
  • move you personal information to another provider
  • opt out of marketing
  • opt out of having a profile
In certain cases we have to save information, for example due to bookkeeping laws.


This will be saved when you contact us

When you first contact us, we will take down your name, phone number and email address. If you call us, your phone number will automatically be saved, and when you email us your email address will be saved. If you leave information on our contact page, this will also be saved.

We will ask you for your name, if this hasn’t been established by the first point of contact, so we know who we are communicating with. If we meet you in person we will save the information you willingly provide. For example, you might give us your business card. The same applies if you send a physical letter to us.

If you visit our website,  Google Analytics will automatically save statistics about your IP-number, location, what web browser you are using, the time and what pages you visit.

If we don’t have any continued contact, or do any further business with you, your contact details will be deleted after one year.


The information we save if we have continued contact with you

When you book or purchase tickets with us we will require some more information from you. This also applies to all types of business relationships, for example a customer- supplier relationship, or if we collaborate with you in some form.

Information we might save is…

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your date of birth/ organisationsnummer
  • Payment information
  • Your title, department and company
  • What and when your purchase something

We might also save pictures, sound recordings, or video footage from our performances or other events that we organise. These details are normally totally anonymous and separate individuals will not be identified. If there are any exceptions, we will speak to the persons in question and let them know they are part of some kind of documentation.


Why do we keep personal information?

One of the reasons we save this information is so that we can communicate with you (contact information) also to send you requested information (newsletters), manage bookings (ticket purchases) or for legal reasons (bookkeeping).

We collect this information so that we can…

  • Communicate with you
  • Provide good customer service
  • handle queries and requests
  • handle bookings
  • handle staff enquiries
  • handle deliveries
  • For bookkeeping purposes
  • Send you requested newsletters
  • Send you other requested information
But also to…
  • Gather anonymous statistics about our visitors actions, to make our website more user friendly.
  • inform you of our products and services via text, email, social media, telephone or letter– for as long as you are interested in receiving this kind of information from us.
  • Give you relevant offers and suggestions, judging from what you have shown interest in previously.
  • Send notices about any important changes regarding terms and conditions, policy’s or the company.


How do we collect personal information?
First and foremost we collect personal information directly from you.  If we need any more information we might compliment our register with information from other sources, for example an address register on the internet. We also gather personal information if you use the contact form on our website or when you sign up for our newsletter.
When it comes to ticket purchases, we will get information from Nortic.
We get personal information from…
  • you personally
  • your company website
  • the contact form on our website
  • when you register to our web shop
  • sign ups to our newsletter on our website
  • cookies on our website
  • Bolagsverket, Skatteverket eller andra myndigheter
  • social media sites
If you don’t wish to receive cookies you can adjust your security settings in your web browser. You can find information about turning of cookies here: »


Where do we save personal information?
We try to limit the places where we save personal information as much as possible. There are certain types of information that we are legally obliged to save to do our bookkeeping. Other types of information we need for sending out purchased tickets, or other orders you have made with us.
Most of the personal information is used to keep in contact with our customers, suppliers an collaborators.
We save our information in…
  • our booking program Visma
  • our booking system Nortic
  • Our email system
  • Our phone lists
  • mailing lists for newsletters on MailChimp
  • job applications that have been sent to us
  • a computer server/ backup
  • a cloud based backup system
  • social medias
  • Google Analytics


How long do we save your personal data?
If it’s relevant for us to keep in contact with you, if we have made an agreement with you or for legal reasons (bookkeeping) we will keep your personal information.
If you call us, send us letters by post or visit our website- we will delete your details one year after our latest date of contact. For bookkeeping reasons we have to keep information about purchases for up ten years.
If you sign up to our newsletter your information will be deleted shortly after.


We protect your personal data
All our registers are protected, with security locks and passords. The same applies to our IT-system, our web provider and cloud solutions for backup.
Vi har rutiner för att gallra bort personuppgifter ur våra system, vilket sker med olika intervall beroende på vad det är för uppgifter. Certain personal data must be kept (according to the law) for up to ten years. In certain cases  sker gallringen genom att vi anonymiserar the personal data.
Your personal information will never be re-used for any other purpose that hasn’t been approved by you beforehand, and we will not share your personal data with any third parties without your consent.
This may occur with group bookings of opera tickets that include accommodation with one of our collaborators or the opera train.
If there for any reason would be a data intrusion, we are obligated to inform Datainspektionen within 72 hours.  If the intrusion affect someone who is in the register we are obliged to inform that individual.


Responsible for personal information
Sten Niclasson is responsible for all personal data.
If you have any questions regarding you personal information an our data register, please contact Sten Niclasson.
Sten will also be able to  tell you who else within the organization has access to your personal information.

You can reach him via email: or via phone +46-708-901502.