Unfortunately, there will be no Turandot this year

The preparations for this years summer opera has been under way while waiting for various decisions from the government. The first one – to be allowed to rehearse. Neither the choir nor the orchestra can start their rehearsals because of all the restrictions when it comes to working environments. Therefore, Opera på Skäret and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra have had to make the painful decision to cancel yet another season due to the pandemic.

We have been hoping that the restrictions would be eased and that we would be given the permission to host our audience in our opera house this summer, and to start rehearsals with our choir and orchestra in May. Unfortunately, no such announcements have been made by the government and now the time is definitely running out.

We could perhaps have waited a little longer for a positive announcement regarding the audience restrictions since our performances are in the end of the summer. However, without the necessary time for rehearsals, there will be no performances.

The forecast of vaccinations and signals of potential easing of the restrictions gave us the hope that we would be able to play this summer.  So despite the uncertainty we have continued to work, and have felt well prepared to welcome our audience in a secure way. For that reason it feels extra sad to not be given the opportunity to offer an uplifting culture experience when it‘s needed the most.

The exact date for when Turandot will be played is not yet decided, but it will be within the next few years. Two cancelled seasons have forced us to make changes in the repertoire, and next year will be a different opera. More information about this will be given very soon. Purchased tickets can be used for next year or exchanged for gift vouchers.

The soloists that were contracted to participate last summer, were preparing to sing this year instead. We will do everything in our power to make sure these incredible singers one day will get to perform at Skäret, in Turandot or another opera. Who knows, maybe we will get the opportunity to introduce some of them to the Swedish audience next year.

Sten Niclasson, CEO


Since we started in 2004, we have performed several of the opera history’s most loved operas here in the unusual opera house by shore of the lake Ljusnaren. Here we’ve had international stars given opera performances of absolute word class. Here, in this historic environment with the opera house- an old sawmill with very unique acoustics- We have given over 120 000 visitors memories for life.