The Opera Train to Skäret – a unique summertime tradition

Train package including opera ticket, travel, and meals

For many years now, trips have been made with vintage trains from Stockholm Central directly to Opera på Skäret. Here, at Bergslagsbanan, Opera på Skäret has its very own platform, just a couple of minute’s walk from the opera house itself.

It’s a fascinating cultural and nature experience with a train journey through Summer Sweden in first-class vintage carriages, enjoyable meals in classic restaurant carriages from the thirties, and opera art at the highest level in an old sawmill environment.

The train package includes:

  • Round trip from Stockholm C to Skäret
  • Two-course lunch
  • Three-course dinner
  • Opera ticket

It costs between 3650-3800 SEK depending on the chosen seat in the opera house. The opera train runs on the following dates: 28/7, 4/8, 10/8, 17/8, 25/8.

Closer to the departure date, SKÅJ will announce the exact departure time for the train as well as more information about the trip.

When purchasing a ticket for the train package, you should not buy an opera ticket separately, as it is included in the package. Buy ticket here

Are you traveling with the Opera Train and are interested in buying tickets for the opera introduction?

We advise against pre-booking tickets for the introduction as the train arrives sometime between 14.00-14.30 and the introduction starts at 14.15. If the train arrives earlier than 14.15, tickets can be purchased at the ticket office.

The opera train is a collaboration between Opera på Skäret and SKÅJ (Stockholm’s Cultural Society for Steam and Railway).