The Opera pub – singing, music and a relaxed atmosphere

Opera på Skäret’s opera pub is an event with world-class singing and a relaxed atmosphere. It is an experience where the mood, the applause and emotions often hit the roof. This is where you get to experience opera singing on a very intimate level, in generous program selections with exuberant artistic joy.

With a nice beer in your hand and a lovely shrimp sandwich on your plate you might get to hear your favourite aria just a few metres away, sung by a famous opera star with a mighty voice. Or you might witness a young rising star make their debut as a soloist.

At the piano we have virtuosos that accompany the singers as well as perform solo numbers. Anything can happen at our opera pub! If you have never experienced opera singing in real life, this is the best way to start your journey to become a lover of opera.

Dates for the opera pub in 2024 will be coming soon!