Accessibility at Skäret

The Opera house

• The Opera house is equipped with a text machine in Swedish.
• On the same level as the stalls, there are specially marked wheelchair spaces room for an attendant. If you have a different preference for seating, we will do our best to accommodate it. Contact: 0580-711 00 or
• Level differences are marked with hazard warning tape or light strips.
• All entrances and emergency exits have ramps, and all emergency exits are signposted.
• The staircase to the rear part of the balcony has handrails and is marked with light strips.
• There is no hearing loop for the hearing impaired.

The Stone House

• In the Stone House you will find the Chamber Stage, the ticket office, the gallery, and audience toilets including an accessible toilet.
• At both ends of the building, there are entrances with thresholds that are smooth to roll over for a wheelchair.
• The ticket office staff have knowledge of accessibility issues.
biljettkassan arbetar personal med kunskap om tillgänglighetsfrågor.
• First aid kits are available in the ticket office, and there is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in the medical room.
• The chamber Stage has two emergency exits at the rear of the venue. Emergency exits are signposted.

The Restaurant

• The restaurant has an accessible toilet.
• The threshold at the entrance is within reasonable hight for a wheelchair to access.
• There are two ramps to the restaurant’s emergency exit, one of which is permanent.
• Emergency exits are signposted.

The small stage

• There are no obstacles such as high edges at the entrance.
• The seats consist of benches that are grouped in sets of 5, which means not all seats can be converted to wheelchair spaces.
• There is a portable ramp without handrails at the emergency exit. The emergency exits are clearly market with exit signs.
• If you have any questions, please contact the ticket office on 0580-71100 or

Outdoor public areas

The outdoor public area has gravel and grass surfaces. Any holes and irregularities in the gravel paths are reported to the safety representative, and the gravel is levelled, and holes are filled in every year.


Train platform

The train platform has handrails, a wheelchair ramp, and assisting steps for those who cannot take large strides. The platform is swept before each performance and inspected during safety rounds.