Enhance your visit with food & drinks

Make your visit to Opera på Skäret a complete experience. While the opera performance naturally takes centre stage during a visit to Skäret, there’s so much more to it. Take the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks and – last but not least – the outstanding environment.

Before & After the Opera Performance

Enjoy our Opera menu or– if you prefer– something a bit lighter to eat or drink.

Intermission Refreshments

Grab a bite to eat or something to drink while letting the impressions from the first act slowly sink in.


We also serve lunch for those who are just passing by. Welcome!

Opera Pub Menu

Enjoy a glass of something delicious and perhaps a bite to eat while listening to live opera music, just a few meters away.

His passion – Making the most of seasonal ingredients

Opera på Skäret advocates for Swedish cuisine and selected ingredients from Bergslagen. With specialties from the region and ingredients from local suppliers, the restaurant offers seasonal menus.

David Sahlin is in charge of the kitchen and is a native of Kopparberg who has worked in a long line of restaurants, especially in Stockholm and London, before returning to his hometown. Quality and origin are keywords in the menu he presents at Opera på Skäret.

Among the suppliers is Bäcktorp’s farm, which produces beef from KRAV-certified organic farming. From Ställbergs rökeri, smoked rainbow trout and char are sourced, and the cheese platter is contributed to by the well-known Bredsjö Mjölkfår farm outside Hällefors. The corn-fed chicken and vegetables are also exclusively Swedish.