The standard was very high as 200 opera singers gave their all during this autumn’s auditions. For three whole days, the Opera på Skäret jury had the great pleasure of enjoying fantastic performances from all the singers who came from around the world to audition for this summer’s production of Norma.

Out of a total of 500 applicants, 200 were called for auditions. One by one, they not only demonstrated great talent but also showcased their immense passion for the art of opera. Through hard work and endless preparations, this passion resulted in delightful opera art during a few minutes of the audition where they gave their all.

“It’s a great joy and privilege every year to encounter so many talented opera singers. I feel humbled by the fact that so many singers from all over the world come to audition for us- in the hope of performing in a very unique opera house, a former sawmill, in the Swedish Bergslagen during the time of year when most of us usually take a vacation,” says Alexander Nicklasson, Artistic Director at Opera på Skäret.

Opera på Skäret extends a warm thank you to all those who applied for the 2024 opera production of Norma. Thank you for your time, your commitment, and for everything you do for the art of opera!